The What Van? Road Test: Ford Transit Connect (2018)

Date: Thursday, November 29, 2018   |   Author: Steve Banner


Connect Rear Doors

Load bay

Rear access to the cargo bay is by means of twin doors that can be swung through 90°, and through 180° if you press a couple of buttons.

A sliding nearside door is fitted and a full-height steel bulkhead will stop any loose pieces of cargo from slithering forwards and ending up in the cab. If you want to lash your load down then you can secure it to six substantial-looking rings set into the floor. In our case most of the load bay was protected from scratches and scrapes by a mixture of plastic mouldings and sheets of ply lining.

Ford’s build quality has improved significantly in recent years, and while it’s not up to Volkswagen standards, it’s not far off. All the doors shut with a satisfying clunk and nothing squeaks, rattles or looks as though it’s about to work loose and drop off.


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