IMAGE OF THE MONTH: Toyota cooks up a tasty project

Date: Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Toyota has revealed a new e-Palette Concept Vehicle designed to meet the needs of future multi-mode transport and business applications, including pizza deliveries.

The manufacturer’s partners in the project include Mazda, Amazon, Uber and its Chinese rival Didi Chuxing, and Pizza Hut.

Toyota said the e-Palette is a fully automated, next-generation battery electric vehicle (BEV) designed to be scalable and customisable for a range of business applications.

It added that the concept’s open vehicle control interface and a set of software tools allow companies to install their own automated driving systems and vehicle management technologies.

The vehicle has an open interior layout that can be fitted out with purpose-built interiors to suit the user’s needs, such as parcel delivery, ride sharing or on-the-road e-commerce.

Toyota envisions offering the e-Palette in three sizes and plans to conduct feasibility testing in the early 2020s.


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