Manheim takes auctions mobile

Date: Thursday, May 28, 2015   |  

Manheim used the CV Show to unveil its mobile auction vehicle, designed to allow the firm to hold pop-up auctions at client premises or anywhere else the vendors would prefer to select, rather than needing to get the vehicles to a traditional auction site.

A £12,000 conversion of a VW amarok pick-up acts as an auctioneer’s podium, and the vehicle features waterproofed speaker system, TV and webcam, while Manheim uses a variety of 3G and 4G providers to ensure the Simulcast web system will function properly, allowing online bidders to compete with those at the auction.

“Now Manheim has the ability and flexibility to deliver bespoke auction events in an operator’s premises, de-fleet centre or storage compound. We can sell anything and everything,” said James Davis, head of commercial vehicles at Manheim. “Buyers are having to adapt to new and innovative online products and services in order to secure premium stock from prime vendors.”

Davis told What Van? that prime examples of where the mobile auctions work are when
a vendor doesn’t want to shift large amounts of stock to a single site, either because they have a
big defleet from one site, so they can bring the buyers to it, or if the stock is all over the country so they don’t need to bring it to one place. The latter works in examples such as a manufacturer’s closed auction where buyers know the vehicles will be prepared to a certain level. The first sale is due to take place in June.

Manheim has converted a VW Amarok


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