Four medium vans to look out for: Dispatch, Transit Custom, NV300, Vivaro

Date: Tuesday, June 05, 2018


Vauxhall Vivaro

The Vivaro was developed alongside Renault’s Trafic, but it’s arguably not as pretty.
It also has two trim levels to the Trafic’s three, and with the French brand’s switchgear evident across the interior, the cabin doesn’t have the car-like quality of Ford’s Transit Custom. Kit levels are pretty good, though.
All engines offer 1.6 litres, with 90hp and 110hp turbodiesels, as well as 120hp and 140hp bi-turbos.
The 90hp also has an Ecoflex version with improved economy.
The range covers two roof heights and two wheelbases, and two people-carrier variants, the Tourer Elite and Combi plus, are available.
Of the low-roof models, the 120hp bi-turbo is most efficient at an official 47.9mpg.
The bi-turbo engines are refined and punchy, and the 120hp version feels more powerful than it says on paper. Given its efficiency it should be the engine of choice.
The ride is comfortable without compromising body control, and only steering that’s a tad light compromises the package, although that turns into a plus in urban spaces.
Finally, Vauxhall is to build a new Vivaro at its Luton plant by 2019.

Sample model: 2900 1.6CDti Blueinjection
Engine size    1.6-litre
Payload     1,235kg
Load volume    5.2m3
Combined mpg 43.4mpg
CO2    170g/km
Price (ex VAT) £21,190



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