James Dallas’s blog: Tailored for you

Date: Monday, June 19, 2017   |   Author: James Dallas

Just a few years ago the choices facing light commercial vehicle operators when it came to deciding what vans best met their requirements seemed to be relatively straightforward.

If you were carrying piles of bricks or bags of sand then payload would be the prime consideration; if you needed more space for lightweight goods then you’d look first at load volume. For a tradesman needing to carry tools to the job in a city then an easy-to-manouevre small or light van would tick the right boxes, and if you had to venture off-road in the depths of winter then you’d be running the rule over the pick-ups and 4x4s on offer.

But, as we report in our What to Consider Before Buying Vans feature, fleets are now far more exacting in their requirements, especially when it comes to fuel economy, specialist conversions and health and safety issues, and manufacturers and leasing firms are tailoring their offerings to meet these demands.


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